Vietnam 1969 - 1970


Karen Today

Grew up a Navy brat. Born Chelsea Naval Hospital, Chelsea, MA, lived in Madrid, Spain and then in various places in Virginia. Family settled in McLean, VA once I was in college. I joined the ARC from there.
Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, 1968, BA in History. Joined the Red Cross so I could travel! My parents were horrified, but supported my decision after they realized I was serious. Joined with my college sorority sister and dearest friend, Nancy Kimbrel Parker.
Lai Khe - First Infantry Division - July 1969-October 1969.
An Khe - Fourth Infantry Division - October 1969-January 1970, Program Director.
Da Nang - Third Marine Division/24th Corps - January 1970-August 1970, Unit Director.
Married James M. Warner, June 1972. We met in Lai Khe. He was CPT James M. Warner, CO of Alpha Company, 1/28th Infantry. We first met eachother on FSB Gela. I was brand new in country and he had been there about a month. We actually became friends over the wounding of his RTO who was a friend of mine. We kept in touch over Tom's recovery. We have two daughters. Julie who lives in Los Angeles and works as an Account Executive for a company that makes and designs trade show displays. She graduated from Syracuse University in 1998. Anna who lives at home and is going to college locally and working. Anna graduated from high school in 2000.
Jim has an engineering degree from West Point, but when we married he decided to pursue a degree in Architecture. Now he has his own firm in Portsmouth, NH. I work in the Development Office at Governor Dummer Academy in Byfield, MA. I am the Stewardship Coordinator. I get to thank people for their money, not ask for it!! It's a perfect job for me and I really enjoy it.
We love to boat and beach in the summer. There is a gorgeous beach at the end of our street and this area is wonderful boating fun. In the winter, we ski almost every weekend. We have a place at Sunday River in Maine. I have been active in a book group for 17 years. Jim and I both like to be active and I work out at the local Y regularly. We have a tandem bike we love. It's a 1970's lime green cruiser!
We live in Ipswich, MA. We are about 35 miles north of Boston on Cape Ann. Come see us!

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