Donut Dollies:
Our French Villa at Lai Khe – Home Sweet Home.
Donut Dolly hooch at Lai Khe (CPT Al Ziegler).
Lai Khe mess hall area.
Barb & Baby at “Temple of the Virgins.” See sign.
Barb at the Cam Ranh Bay orphanage.
Carla Fisher and Jenny Wren, Orphanage near Cam Ranh. "Operation Scrub."
Orphanage again.
Ramona Abernathy at II Field Force, Aug, '68.
Ginny Close with bug bites at II Field Force, Aug, '68.
Pat Rowan at II FFV (aka Long Binh Jail), Sept, '68.
Pat Rowan and Barb Dorr at II FFV, Sept, '68.
Mary van Ostenberg (11/67 - 11/68), Aug, '68.
Barb Dorr, Cam Ranh, Aug, '68.
Kathy Boswell, II Field Force, Jul ’68.
Diane Diggs, Long Binh, II FFV, Sep ’68.
Barb Dorr, testing the waters at the II Field Force pool.
Glenda Allen with Mama-san at Lai Khe
Carol Krupp, II FFV, Sep ’68.
Barb Dorr with “Cooky” and “Brown Eyes.”  Both from Phan Rang, but
moved to Bien Hoa.  “These are two real good friends and really great
Ginny Close, II Field Force Center, Aug ’68.
Diane Kusrow, Bear Cat, Aug ’68.
Nonie Turville Waldo, with Steve (?) and Scott Higgins, LNO’s, Sep ’68.
Diane Schmidt and unknown Dolly with CID guys.
Steve Fortenberry, Reg, Ronnie and Diane Steinhauser at the Lai Khe Dolly villa, May ’68.
Unknown Dolly. Perhaps enroute to Bangkok.
Barb and Hazel Janet Blanks, with their driver Jake, Sep ’68.  Hazel was the unit director of II Field Force.
Barb on a ferry around Hong Kong.
Barb and Glenda Allen dancing with the Robin Hoods in Lai Khe.
Barb socializing in Lai Khe.
Barbara Dorr Lilly and Hazel Janet Blanks, II Field Force, summer ’68.
Barb with the crabs, Viet Nam 100 years ago (1968).
Barb with a civilian reporter at the Myca Mission.
Barb with the guys at the Lai Khe radio station where she did a weekly show.
Barb and Lucy Hufschmidt lunching with CID guys off base near Can Ranh.
Barb looking sexy or what?  Can Ranh, Aug ’68.
Barb blow drying her hair at Cam Ranh AFB.
Barb, Carla Fisher, Jenny Wren, Ellie Spell, Donna Solle.
Are you kidding me? Out of gas? Barb, Diane Schmidt and Donna Solle.
Carol Krupp, unk officer and unknown Donut Dolly at Lai Khe, ’68.
Two unknown Dollies, Barb’s pics sent to her by G.I. buddies.
Two unknown Dollies, 1st Air Cav, Oct ’68.
Pat Rowan, Oct ’68.
Unknown Dolly, 1st Air Cav, Oct ’68.
Unknown Dollies, Barb’s pic.
Unknown Dollies, Barb’s pic #2.
Another unknown Dolly, Barb’s pics.
Yet another unknown Dolly, Barb’s pics.
II Field Force Viet Nam, Unk, Barb, Nonie Turville and Scott.
Barb in a parade in Western Michigan, 1990.
Front row, L to R: unk, Larry Hines, Unk
Back row, L to R: Linda Wilson, Diane Kusrow, Carol Krupp, Donna Solle
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Memorials and Parades
“The first objects left at the base of the Viet Nam Woman’s Memorial.  I was responsible for this the first time it was displayed in Washington, D.C.  The gold coin commemorates nursing.”
Big Red One guys at Kokomo, IN
Houston Parade.
Medal of Honor Recipient Roy Benavidez, El Campo, TX. And Jenny Young, ARC, Dallas, TX.  Nov 1984, Salute II, Washington, D.C.
Barb and Pat Rowan, New York Welcome Home Parade.  “Up all night the night before.”
L – R:  Standing, Emily Strange, seated, Joan Garvert, Army Nurse,
Barb Dorr Lilly, Susan Finke, Pat Rowan, Maggie Godsen, Linda Wilson and Louise Blakely, about 1985.
Houston Welcome Home Parade: Unk, Pat Rowan, T.W. Curry, Cherie Rankin. Back: Louise Blakely, June Smith and Kammy McCleery
Diane Steinhauser Shufelt and Barb. Smokes in their ears.
Barb, Diane Evans and Pam Lovell, about 1996, in Kokomo, IN
Emily Strange and Cherie Rankin, 11 Nov 93.
GI’s and Location Shots
“This is a Montagnard village on Signal Mountain.  Can you believe people actually lived there?”
Highway 13  -- Thunder Road
“Commuting sitting next to the door gunner.  DUH!”
Long Binh Signal Mountain.
“Speaks for itself.”
Lone Sentry, Sep '68.
“Bye guys!”  Sep ’68.
 “Car pool,”  Sep ’68.
Sam & Baby, II FFV, Jul ’68.
Quan Loi troops, May ’68.
Quan Loi troops, May ’68.
Men of A, B & C Co's, 199th Light Infantry Brigade.  "Typical jungle
scene  south of Saigon in a fairly 'quiet' area, Jul, '68.
Men of A, B & C Co's, 199th Light Infantry Brigade.  "Typical jungle
scene  south of Saigon in a fairly 'quiet' area, Jul, '68.
Quan Loi pool – Michelin Compound.
 Pool at the Train Compound.  
Misc. Shots People and Places:
Two babies, Jan ’69.
Girls playing, Jan ’69.
“I think this little fella is just darling.  He’s a Montagnard.”
Myca Mission, near Cam Ranh AFB, Oct ’68.
Myca Mission.  The base of the statue is “PSP” – used to build air strips and bridges and walkways.  Military influence all the way.   Oct ’68.
Montagnard kids
 “The people live in these boats!  South of Saigon with the 199th, Jul ’68.
“A war-scarred section of Bien Hoa.  The Americans did a lot of the damage as the VC holed up there during TET.  Jun ’68.”
Saigon.  The Y Bridge.  May ’68.
Newport Bridge, Saigon, blown up during the 2nd TET Offensive, May ’68.
Bombed out areas of Cholon, Saigon, May ’68.
Karate exhibition at Train Compound, Jun ’68.

Back row: Linda Wilson, Diane Kusrow, Carol Krupp, Donna Solle
                                      Front row: Salle Daniell, Larry Hines, Marry Jane